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                          Deep Restorative Relaxation  - Spring Session

                                             (see description below)

                      May 16th, 2018     7 to 8:30 pm   $ 50  per person

                                  Email here to reserve your spot !  


Deep Restorative Relaxation

90 minute sessions specially designed to assist the body to access the restorative properties of the parasympathetic nervous system,  Using breathing techniques, therapeutic yoga strategies and mindfulness, participants experience a deeply restful state. Skills learned and practiced can mostly be done at home. Helpful with sleep issues, chronic pain, anxiety and stress.


Groups will be offered seasonally (fall, winter and spring) through the end of 2018. Individual sessions available by appointment for $75 per person. Couples get a discounted rate of $120 for two people.  Monday through Friday, evening slots are available.  


Toddler Connection

Learn how to best support the healthy social- emotional development of your young child.  Groups only -  2 formats – one 4 hour introductory session or a series of four 2 hour sessions depending on the needs of the group.


Peace in Daily Living 

A 3 hour introduction to the stress response and its impact on health. Learn proven methods to calm the nervous sustem and develop your own individualized, comprehensive wellness/self -care plan.  


 New Foundations: Moving Past Trauma to Wellness

An 8 hour workshop for parents (who have experienced trauma /or whose children have experienced trauma) developed in collaboration with the Montgomery County Federation of Families)  



   Photo taken on Troutman Street, Brooklyn New York

                                        by Ronnie Biemans